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1                                                          CHRISTMAS AND THE BLIND GIRL


              During the Christmas season of 1879 an agnostic reporter from Boston saw three girls looking at the toys in a store window.  One of them was blind.  Approaching them, he heard two of them describing the toys to their blind friend.  He said he had never thought of the difficulty of trying to explain how something looks to someone who had never been able to see.  This incident became the basis for an editorial in the newspaper. Two weeks later, this same agnostic attended a meeting in which Dwight L. Moody was preaching.  His purpose was to try and catch the evangelist in some inconsistency.  But he was very surprised when Moody used his newspaper story about the three girls in order to illustrate a spiritual truth.   “Just as the blind girl could not imagine what the toys looked like”, the preacher said, “So a person that is not saved cannot see Christ in all his glory.”  He said that God will open the eyes of any person who will accept Christ and his forgiveness of sin by simple faith.  The journalist saw his need and discovered the truth in the words of Moody.



2                                                             THE DEATH OF JOHN COWELL


              I came to this church in November, 1942, and I feel that I was brought here by the definite leadership of the Holy Spirit.

              But you see, God uses people. God used Dr. John C. Cowell of the Central Baptist Church of Decatur, Alabama. Dr. Cowell had been before you people and as a matter of fact, the church at that time decided to call him, but he refused to consider the call. He gave them my name and recommended that they contact me in Fairfield, Alabama. The contact was made; and as a result, I came here to preach on one Sunday morning and received the call of the church. The name of John C. Cowell means much to me. He died at .forty-three years of age. He passed away in 1944.

              In the life story of John C. Cowell, published by Moody Press some years ago, there is an interesting story. John Cowell ; was saved in 1923. This story speaks for itself. “One day in the late 1920's, two men met on the main street of a small town in North Carolina.

              The older man abruptly stopped the young one with the query. 'Aren't you the John Cowell I used to know in Wilmington?'

              “The young man evidenced no sign of recognition, save for a merry twinkle in his eyes. He replied, 'You are mistaken, sir. I am not the man you refer to.' “Well, that is strange, continued the first speaker as he made an apology. 'You surely do resemble him.    I knew him as a growing boy. I knew his father and mother also. You certainly look enough like him to be his twin brother.'  “But you see, sir,” continued the youth, “I knew him also, and the John Cowell you refer to is' dead.”

              “Dead!” The news was evidently a shock. 'Tell me about it. When did he die?'

              “Yes, John Cowell is dead. He I died rather suddenly one night several years ago. It was the eighth of April, 1923 to be exact. He died on the corner of Franklin and Anderson Streets in Fayetteville. I was there at the time. I saw him die. You see, my name is John Cowell, but that night in this city, the John Cowell you knew died to the old life of sin and shame. And the John Cowell you now see was saved in a great revival then in progress and became a new creature in Christ Jesus. I am not the John Cowell you knew as a lad and a youth. I have been reborn.”

              That answer given by John Cowell was typical of his life. He knew how to say things to make people remember them. He had a radiant, flashing personality. There was a winning smile but a driving passion to preach and win souls.

              Jolm C, Cowell was saved in 1923, and when he was saved, he died to the old life of sin, This happens in many cases, Sometimes a person is saved and then a time goes by before he recognizes the weakness of the flesh and comes to die to self. But “die to self' we must,” if we are to be used of God.    Lee Roberson



3                                             HIS HAND IS PULLING ME TO HEAVEN


              Dr. J. Wilbur Chapman, pastor and evangelist of some days past, said that - after a sermon a man came up to him and said, “Would you like to shake hands with a redeemed drunkard?” Mr. Chapman assured him that he would. Then the redeemed drunkard said, “Let me tell you my story. I once had one of the best positions in this city, but strong drink was my destruction. I was one day helplessly lying in the gutter when someone, took me by the hand, said, ‘If you want to see your boy alive, hurry home!’ Quickly I went up to the room where my sin had forced my wife and boy to live, and found that a great truck had passed over the child and he was dying.

              He took me by the hand and pulled me down by his side and said, 'I will not let you go until you promise to meet me in heaven.' And holding my hand, he died.

              They had to break his hand away from mine. From that day til this, I have felt his hand pulling me heavenward. I accepted Jesus Christ as my Saviour. The testimony of my son is 'pulling me heavenward.'

              So it must be with every one of us. We must be pulling others heavenward through our testimony day by day.



4                                                          SAVED FROM HANGING HIMSELF


              Mark J. Goodger had the habit of going out each week from house to house giving out Gospel tractrs.  One day in South Carolina he stopped at a house and knocked on the door.  He knew someone was home because he heard noise inside the house.  No one answered so he kept on knocking and finally a man came to the door and took the track and shut the door rapidly.

              A week later he went to the same house and knocked on the door.   This time it was opened immediately.  He was invited to enter and soon was invited to the attic.  There he saw a rope hanging from a rafter and box underneath.  The man then said, "friend, I was ready to take my life last week when you knocked.  Because you kept knocking I finally went down to answer the door.  After seeing the title of the tract I got interested and read the mesage it contained.  The Lord spoke to my heart and instead of taking my life I bowed down and ask the Lord to save me.

              How grateful was Mark for having been diligent to knock on that door and know of a soul that would not spend eternity in hell.



5                                                              UNABLE TO BELIEVE


The story is told that at one time D. L. Moody was to speak to several thousand prisoners in a certain state penitentiary. It had been announced that after Mr. Moody's address a pardon would be presented to a certain prisoner by the governor who had made a good record. No one but the governor knew who the fortunate prisoner would be. There was high excitement, and finally the moment came, and the governor stepped forward with a pardon in his hand. He read out a name. There was a wave of applause. He called the name a second time, but still the prisoner did not move from his seat, held fast I doubtless by his unbelief that he, a life termer, should be granted freedom.

Finally, nearby companions pushed him from his seat, and the man came forward with tears streaming down his cheeks to take the pardon from the hand of the governor.

Then the warden commanded the great audience of prisoners to fall in and march back to their cells. When the cellmates came marching past him, the man, still holding the pardon, fell in and taking up the locked step, started the long march back to, his long established place behind the bars. It became necessary for the attendants to pull him from the line, saying, "Man, don't you know you are free?" 

This story illustrates the manner in which many Christians fail to believe the promises of God. They harbor doubts in their minds about salvation because they will not take the assurance of the Word of God. They live poor, limping, halting, daily lives because they will not believe the promises that God will supply every need and take care of every emergency.



6                                                              THE BOYS WILL LAUGH


I remember when I was a boy how my dear mother would draw me to herself and speak to me so solemnly of the importance of trusting the Lord Jesus Christ as my Saviour, and I would say to her: "Well, Mother, I would like to do it, but the boys will laugh at me".

Mother used to say, "Harry, remember, they may laugh you into Hell, but they can never laugh you out of it!" And, oh, how that used to go home to me, and it stayed with me all through the years. Yes, men may sneer and ridicule and not understand us as we come out for Christ, but after all, His is the only approval worth having. Dr. Harry A. Ironside, longtime pastor of the Moody Memorial Church and president of the Moody Bible Inistitute.



7                                                               CASH THAT CHECK


Roy McClain tells of a beggar who stopped a lawyer on the street in a large southern city and asked him for a quarter. Taking a long, hard look into the man's unshaven face, the attorney asked, "Don't I know you from somewhere?" "You should," came the reply. "I'm" your former classmate. Remember; second floor, old Main Hall?" "Why, Sam, of course I know you!" Without further question the lawyer wrote a check for $100. "Here, take this and get a new start. I don't care what's happened in the past, it's the future that counts." And with that he hurried on.

Tears welled up in the man's eyes as he walked to a bank nearby. Stopping at the door, he saw through the glass the well dressed tellers and the spotlessly clean interior. Then he looked at his filthy rags. "They won't take this from me. They'll swear that I forged it," he muttered as he turned away.

The next day the two men met again. "Why Sam, what did you do with my check? Gamble it away? Drink it up?"  "No," said the beggar as he pulled it out of his dirty shirt pocket and told why he hadn't cashed it. "Listen, friend," said the lawyer. "What makes that check good is not your clothes or appearance, but my signature. Go on, cash it!"

The Bible says, "Whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved." That promise is a "negotiable note" of infinite value. And as sinners, all we need to do is "exchange" it by faith for eternal life. Don't let the "tattered clothes" of your past keep you from cashing God's check of salvation. -D. J. DeHann



8                                                      TRACKED DOWN BY THE WORD


An anonymous author has written the following incident.  "The Pawned Book"; It tells of W. P. McKay who left his humble Scottish home at the age of 17 to get an education. Before he went off to college, his godly mother gave him a Bible in which she wrote his name, along with her name and a verse of Scripture. Once away at school, the young man disregarded her moral influence. He even sank so low that he pawned his Bible to get money for whiskey.

              Eventually McKay completed his studies and became a doctor. One day he was attending a dying man who whispered, “Bring me my book!" The physician wondered what volume could be so important, so after the patient died, he searched the man's hospital room. He was amazed to find the same Bible he had pawned years before. Taking it with him, he read again his mother’s familiar writing and noted many verses she had underlined. Coming under deep conviction, the doctor prayed to God for mercy and became a new creature in Christ. He later entered the ministry and preached the life-changing truths found in the Book he had once treated so lightly. 



9                                                                THE INTRODUCERS


              We don't know much about Andrew, Jesus' disciple, but from the gospels we learn one thing that makes him a worthy example. He introduced people to the Savior. When Andrew heard the gospel and believed, he was ready to follow Jesus. But we read that "he first findeth his own brother, Simon" John 1:41. And it was Andrew who brought the boy with the fish and bread to Christ, thus providing the setting for one of the great miracles in His public ministry. Then, near the close of Jesus' life, Andrew and Philip told their Lord that some Greeks wanted to see Him John 12:20-22. Andrew's ministry seems to have been one of quietly introducing people to the Messiah.

              We can have the same ministry today, and with great effectiveness. Peter Joshua, outstanding evangelist, told how he was introduced to Christ. He was an unemployed actor, sleeping in alleys and living on handouts. One evening he was in London's Hyde Park when a Salvation Army girl stopped and stood near him. He thought she was going to read poetry, so he listened. Instead, she sang a hymn that contrasted the emptiness of the world with the glory of Christ. Then she quoted some Bible verses before turning and walking away. Profoundly moved, Joshua received Christ right there. He went on with the Lord and later became a preacher who gave the gospel to hundreds of thousands.

              The unsaved are still in need. Is there someone that you, in your own quiet way, can speak to about Christ? Then do so. Like Andrew, you can be an introducer!



10                                                          "AN INSULTING POTATO"


              A Salvation Army officer tells of a strong-willed woman who had been nicknamed "Warrior Brown" because of her fiery temper. She was often belligerent and became enraged whenever she got drunk. Then one day she received Christ as her Savior. Her entire life was wonderfully changed by the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit. At an open-air meeting a week later, she told everyone what Jesus had done for her. Suddenly a scoffer threw a potato at her, causing a stinging bruise. Had she not been converted, she would have lashed out at the man furiously. God's grace, however, had made such a profound change in her conduct that she quietly picked up the potato and put it into her pocket without saying a word. No more was heard of the incident until the time of the "harvest festival" months later. Then the dear lady who had been known as "Warrior Brown" brought as her offering a little sack of potatoes. She explained that after the open-air meeting she had cut up and planted the "insulting potato," and what she was now presenting to the Lord was "the increase."

              Does such a Christ like spirit pervade our actions and attitudes? If so, our good works will be manifest to all men and bring glory to the name of Jesus. -H. G. Bosch



11                                                                       “YES SIR, I CAN”


              Dr. Clovis Chappell told of being a pastor in a certain town. In the town there lived a well known atheist. He took a great deal of pleasure in making the road rough for Christian people.

              “One Sunday morning I saw him in church but didn't get to shake hands with him, for he was gone before I could get to the door. He was back again that night and once more he slipped out ahead of me. When I tried to find him the next week, he dodged me.

              Sunday morning he was in church again. I gave the invitation, and to my utter astonishment he stepped out into the aisle with his head bowed as if in deep humility. He walked up and knelt at the altar. I knelt by him. Immediately he said, ‘Dr. Chappell, will you talk to me after church?’             

              When the crowd was gone, the two of them when into the pastor's study, and Dr. Chappell told him that he was surprised to find him at the altar of the church. He asked the man if he would like to tell him what happened.

              He made this answer: Dr. Chappell, I was in a store a few weeks ago, when one of your members came in. He is unlettered. He joined your church about three years ago. He was a drunk before he joined. I knew him and often saw him staggering around town.      When he came into the: store, I was sitting up on the counter. I thought I would have I some fun. I reckon maybe I just wanted to be mean. I

              Anyway, I said to him, “Can you tell me anything about Jesus Christ?” His face lighted up, for he didn't know me. He said, “Yes, sir, I certainly can.” I said, “You really know something about him?” He said, “Yes, sir, I do.”  “Well, tell me when He was born.” He gave me an incorrect date and I laughed.

              Then, I asked how old was He when He died?  He gave me another incorrect answer, and I laughed again. I tried another question, “What I was his last name?” And he stood there bewildered because he couldn't answer it.

              Then, I said with a jeer and a sneer, “I thought you knew something about Jesus Christ.” He said, “I do.” I said, “Tell me what you know about Him.”

              He answered, “I know that up until three years ago I was a. slave to drink. I gave my heart to Jesus Christ three years ago. I had no family. They had all left me. My children were afraid of me. My wife cried and wept and prayed until she was brokenhearted and nearly dead before she left me. But she left. I had nothing and nobody wanted me around.”

              “But, I gave my life to Jesus Christ and He conquered the power of drink that had ruined me. I got my family back together again, and today we are the happiest family in this city. Yes, I know about Jesus Christ. I know all about His power and what He can do.”

              The atheist said to Dr. Chappell, “I didn't laugh at that. It dug into my soul. I need that kind of Jesus. I am mean and worthless and miserable. I am meaner and more worthless than that old drunk ever was. I need to be born again just as you said in your sermon this morning.”

              Dr. Chappell finished the story with a question, “Do I need to tell you what happened?” Ah, no, the atheist repented and believed in Jesus Christ and was saved. I make my appeal to the entire audience: if you have been saved but you have gotten away come to Christ today.  If you are lost receive Christ as your Saviour today.



12                                                      HE NEVER GOES TO CHURCH


              The power of influence is illustrated by this story given by the late Dr. George W, Truett. In a certain revival campaign, which was being conducted by Dr. Truett, there was a sixteen year old boy who seemed deeply interested. One evening Dr. Truett said to him, "I notice that you are interested in the services. Why don't you accept Jesus Christ as our Saviour?" The boy replied, "My father is a doctor. He never goes to church. As far as I know he is not a Christian. He is the finest man I know. I am going to follow him," The next morning Dr. Truett found his way to the doctor's office and said to him, "I want to talk to you about your boy. I have never known a finer boy, but I am worried about him. He has been to our meetings and is interested in the salvation of his soul, but now he has put the matter aside. I talked to him last .night and he told me that you are his example and that he was going to follow in your footsteps, which would mean that he would not become a Christian. Doctor, you owe something to this boy; you have too much at stake to let this matter go by".  The doctor's face clouded and he said, "This is the heaviest blow I have ever received. When will you have your next service?" The preacher replied, "We will meet again tonight at eight o'clock." The doctor said, "I will be there." The doctor came that night. He listened to the sermon. He received Christ as his Saviour and walked down the aisle on the invitation to indicate his desire to follow Christ. As the preacher stood talking to the doctor he said, “Doctor, look behind you”. As the doctor turned about he saw his fine son coming down the aisle to make the same surrender.  The boy threw his arms around his father's neck and said, "Oh, daddy, I am so glad you came! I wanted to be a Christian, and now you have made it so much easier for me, I come to accept Christ as my Saviour, too."

              I use that story to indicate the power of influence. Someone is watching you, Pray fervently, correct your life.          Lee Roberson



13                                                  ACCOMPANIED BY 100 PERSONS


              The strongest argument for the Gospel of Christ is the personal testimony of someone whose life has been changed by it. Charles Bradlaugh, an avowed infidel, once challenged the Rev. H. P. Hughes to a debate. The preacher, who was head of a rescue mission in London, England, accepted the challenge with the condition that he could bring with him 100 men and women who would tell what had happened in their lives since trusting Christ as their Savior. They would be people who once lived in deep sin, some having come from poverty-stricken homes caused, by the vices of their parents. Hughes said they would not, only tell of their conversion, but would subject to cross-examination by any who doubted their stories. Furthermore, the minister invited his opponent to bring a group of non-believers who could tell how they were helped by their lack of faith. When the appointed day arrived, the preacher came, accompanied by 100 transformed persons. But Bradlaugh never showed up. The result? The meeting turned into a testimony time, and many sinners who had gathered to hear the scheduled debate were converted.



14                                                             AN UNUSUAL CONVERSION


              Have you heard the story of Jerry Christian. I need not deal with the details of this account. He was a lost young man at Winona Lake, Indiana. He told his companions that he doubted if he would ever be saved, unless something drastic happened to him.

              One day he stood on the shores of the lake preparing to swim with his companions. One by one the young fellows went out on the diving board and jumped into the lake. Then Jerry Christian went out on the board and announced to the crowd, "Watch me, I am going to show you a real dive." He jumped in the water, but he did not come up.

              His companions found him, his neck was broken. They rushed him to the hospital. They prayed throughout a day and night, and into the next day for him. While the doctors and the nurses worked upon the boy, they remained upon their knees in the hallway in prayer.  Toward the close of the day a doctor came out and said, "Fellows, you may come in." They went inside the room. As they stood around the bed, Jerry opened his eyes, and the first thing he said was this, “Fellows, tell me how to be saved”.  They did so, and Jerry Christian accepted Christ.

              I told this story In Phoenix, Arizona, and a lady told me that she knew this boy, and that he became one of the finest testimonies for Christ in the country.  Lee Roberson



15                                                                     ONE SUNDAY EVENING


              I was reading a story, a true story, and I could not forget it. Out in Texas one Sunday evening a husband and wife attended a revival campaign in a big, old tabernacle. They went into the meeting and sat down. They laughed at the preacher. They didn't care a thing about what was going on. They were there out of curiosity.

              When the services were over, they rushed back home and the wife got out of .the car. The husband was putting the car in the garage, and the wife walked up  to the door of the little home-a beautiful home, took out the key and was trying to put it in the door. As she did so, she seemed to hear a voice that said, “Don't put the key into the door; go back to the tabernacle”.

              She stood there a moment and tried again, and again she seemed to hear the voice. She testified to it later. -She could not put the key in the door.

              When the husband was just getting ready to walk from the garage to the house, she went running down the steps. She said, "Husband, please, please -we must go back at once to the tabernacle”.

              They got in the car and drove back and she rushed inside. The preacher and a few people were standing around talking. She said, “Something has happened. I had to come back. I couldn't put the key in the door of my home”. And she told them what had happened.

              The preacher turned and said, “My friend, are you a Christian?” She said, “No!”         He said, “Don't you want to be?” She said, “Yes, I do.” She knelt on the floor and accepted Jesus Christ that night, and the husband also. Maybe God is troubling you in a very definite way. Now repent and believe and receive Christ as your personal Saviour.           Lee Roberson



17                                       CONDEMNED AND WAITING EXECUTION!


              A Prince traveling through France, visited the arsenal of Toulon, where the galleys are kept. The commandant, as a compliment to his rank, said he was welcome to set any of the prisoners free, whom he should choose. The: Prince, willing to make the best use of this privilege, spoke to many of them in succession, enquiring why they were condemned to the gallows. Injustice, false accusation and oppression, were the only causes they could assign. They had been ill-treated and were all innocent.

              At last he came to one who, when asked the same question, answered: “My lord, I have no reason to complain; I have been a very wicked, desperate wretch. I account it a very great mercy I am here”.

              The Prince fixed his eyes upon him, gave him a gentle blow upon the head, and said: “You wicked wretch! It is a pity you should be placed among so many honest men; by your own confession you are bad enough to corrupt them all; but you shall not stay with them another day.”

              Then, turning to the officer, he said, “This is the man, sir, I wish to see released”.

The bitter remorse that filled the hearts of the other men as they saw their companion walk out free while they themselves remained to face their doom can better be imagined than told. Any other one or all of them might have been set free had they confessed their guilt.

              But infinitely greater remorse awaits every reader of these lines who refuses to confess his ruin, guilt and righteous condemnation, and accept the pardon God offers.



18                                                         PRECIOUS IN HIS SIGHT


              The deacons of a certain church realized that few outward results had been seen in recent months, and so they reluctantly said to their aged minister, "We respect you, Brother, but maybe it's time for you to resign. We haven't had a convert this year." "You're right," he replied; "it has been a rather fruitless season. Yet I do recall a lad who accepted the lord. Of course, Bobby Moffat is such a tiny fellow that it's probably not worthwhile to count him. "A few years later, that youngster came to the elderly minister and asked, "Do you think I could ever learn to preach? Something deep within tells me I should. I'd be so happy if I could just lead people to Christ." The pastor encouraged him, and later he became a renowned missionary to Africa. When Robert Moffat returned to England from his wonderful work in Africa, the king rose to his feet, and Parliament stood to show their esteem. The old preacher who supposedly had been so unproductive was gone and forgotten. But who today would minimize the value of bringing that one little fellow to Jesus?

              Maybe we need to leave some tasks we think are important and devote more prayer and energy to the winning of our children to Christ. Eternal potential is wrapped up in their lives. Jesus said, “Suffer the little children to come unto me, and forbid them not” Luke 18:16.



19                                          “MISTER, WILL YOU GET ME THROUGH"


              Dr. Walter Wilson told the story about preaching one noon-day at a downtown service. A lady of some years, poorly dressed, came to him and said, “Mister, will you get me through?”

              Dr. Wilson said, “This was a very strange question that puzzled me for a moment until I remembered that in some religious circles the expressions, 'praying through' and 'getting through', are often used. I replied to this friend. 'Do you mean that you would like to get to God and have Him save you?”

              “Yes,” she replied, “I would like to, but I cannot get through.” Again I asked, “Would you like to get through to the Lord Jesus and have Him put away your sins for you so that you will be a saved woman?”

              “Yes,” she said, “I want to get through I want to get to Jesus, but I cannot. Nobody seems to want me to get through. I have asked people to get me through but none of them would”.

              “This heart cry”, said Dr. Wilson, “told me plainly that she was not far from the door, not far from Christ.”  She was very attentive as he told her a story. Here it is: “Years ago my wife and I were standing before the huge iron gates in front of Buckingham Palace. We were admiring the structures and the beautiful flower gardens. I was reminded of the: story concerning those gates. It is said that a little boy about twelve years of age came to those gates one morning and said to one of the soldiers, “Please, sir, I would like to go in and see my king and I do want to see him so much”.

              The soldier roughly and gruffly ordered him away, “Do you think this is a museum? We do not let boys and girls run around through the palace. The king does not want to let us let everybody in that wants to see him. Get away from here before I arrest you!” The little boy pleaded with the soldier, saying, “I walked ten miles this morning to see my king. Please let me through. Mother said I could come, and I started early this morning. Please do not make me go back without seeing my king. All the boys will laugh at me and so will mother because they told me I would not get to see him, but I told them that I was sure the king would let me come in. Please let me go in, soldier”.

              Again the guard answered roughly, “Get away from here before I arrest you. This is no place for kids to be running around. Get out of here”.

              The little lad retired to the other side of the parkway. And there on the walk that surrounds the Queen Victoria monument, he stood crying because of his disappointment.      About this time, the little Prince of Wales, who was twelve years old, came out of the palace into the garden and went as far as the gate to talk with the soldiers. As he was talking with them, he saw the lad across the way weeping. He said to the soldiers, “What is the matter with that boy over there?” The soldier told him the story of I their conversation. The prince said, "Do you mean to tell me that this boy walked ten miles to see my father, and you would not let him through? I should I think you would let him through when he wanted so much to see my father. I'll take him through”. The prince then ran across the street and said to the lad, “Did you want to go through to see the king?” The boy replied between sobs, “Yes, I asked the soldier to let me through but he would not.”

              The prince then took him by the hand, saying, “The king is my father. I am the prince. Come on with me”.

              They went across the parkway to the gates and the soldiers saluted and let them go right through the gates into the palace, up the stairs, and into the king's study. The king was s sitting at his table poring over some of the great documents of the kingdom. Of course he stopped when the two boys came in and listened most graciously to the little prince as he said, “Father; this little boy walked ten miles to see you, but the soldiers told him he could not get through because you did not want any boys around here. I thought if he walked that far, he surely should see you”.

              Whereupon the king took the little lad by the hand, thanking him so much for: coming that long distance to see his king, urging him to be a fine laddie at home, obey his father and mother, and grow up to be a good Christian lad, serving his country as a faithful citizen. He then reached in his desk and gave the little fellow a present as a souvenir of his visit and told him to run along home again.

              Dr. Wilson said, “As I closed the story, this hungry hearted friend looked up and said, “Jesus is the Prince, isn't He? I think I have heard Him called the Prince of peace. He'll get me through; won’t he?”

              Dr, Wilson led the dear old lady to the Lord Jesus Christ. She received Christ as her Saviour and as her Prince. She went away rejoicing, saying, “Thank you, Lord Jesus, thank you for bringing me through”. My friend, will you come to the Lord Jesus and receive Him as your Saviour? The hour is late. This is the time to be saved. There is no time to delay. Come at once.         



20                                                THE LITTLE GIRL HAD IT RIGHT


              A little girl was looking at the famous picture, “Rock of Ages” which shows a rock in the midst of a stormy sea bearing on its summit a cross.

              A woman just recovered from the angry waves clings faint and exhausted to this refuge.

              In the distance is a hand grasping part of the wreckage of a ship disappearing into the dark waters.

              “What does it mean?” asked the child.

              The mother said, “It's called 'Rock of Ages' and means that we must cling to Jesus.”

              The little one thought a moment and then replied, “Oh, but that rock can't be my Jesus. For when I cling to Him, He reaches down and clings to me”.

              The little girl had it right. , He is the One who is able to keep us. As Christians we have an obligation to keep ourselves in the place of His richest blessing. He is the One who keeps our souls secure.

              A little poem expresses this thought quite wonderfully

When I fear my faith would fail,

“Christ will hold me fast.

Just when the tempter would prevail,

He can hold me fast.

He'll not let my soul be lost,

Christ will hold me fast.

Bought by Him at such a cost,

He will hold me fast.

He will hold me fast.

He will hold me fast.

For my Saviour loves me so,

He will hold me fast”.                                      Lee Roberson


21                                                      “I WANT TO GO WITH PAPA”


              Listen to this story. A little fellow with bright eyes and brown curly hair was attending Sunday School when the discussion turned to the subject of heaven. The teacher turned to the boy and said, “Dick, whom do you want to meet first when you get to glory?”

              The startling reply was, “Oh, but I am not going there.”

              “Not going there?” said the teacher.

              “No”, said the boy calmly and decisively. “Mama and sister are, but I want to go with Papa.”

              Sometime later the teacher met Dick's father, who was their family physician. She repeated the incident and then added pointedly, “and now, Doctor, just where are you going?”  The doctor was a confirmed unbeliever, but with tears in his eyes he began to pace the floor.

              The doctor said, “I'll have to change. I have noticed my boy, that he follows me in everything that I do. I must change. I must take Christ as my Saviour.”

              Yes, mother and father, you are responsible. Someone is looking at you. Someone is following you. The accounting day is coming for you, Christian, and for you, sinner. The day is inevitable. The Christian must stand at the judgment seat of Christ and there must give an account of himself unto God. Sinner, you must stand at the judgment of the great white throne, and there you will have to give an account unto Him. Sinner, are you concerned about yourself? It is so important that you see yourself as a lost man, woman, or child and that you see that Christ is the One who can save your soul.



22                                                                  I'VE BEEN SAVED"


              There is a touching story about John Callahan of New York City: He had gone the limit in sin and had done time in Joliet Penitentiary. When the day of his release came, he promised the keeper that he would let the bottle alone, but he was drunk within less than twelve hours.

              Then John Callahan became a bartender. He struck a man in a drunken brawl and landed behind bars again. The police knew him only as a criminal and it man to be watched. One night he found his way into a rescue mission. He heard the story of Jesus Christ. He said, “I want to be free from the shackles of sin.”

              John Callahan went down to the front and fell on his knees and asked God to forgive him, and received Jesus Christ as his own personal Saviour.

              One of his old pals asked him to take a drink and John said, “No, I don't want any. I've been saved.” That was a stunner for his pal. He couldn't understand why he didn't want it. John told him that Jesus had come into his life and the desire for drink had been destroyed.

              John had four photographs in .the rogue's gallery and it troubled him. He got three of them from the Chicago police through a friend, but one was in Joliet and he couldn't get it. One day he spoke at the Battlecreek Sanitarium with Harry Monroe, and among the guests. at the meeting was the governor of Illinois. John Callahan told his story. He told how he had gotten the pictures from the rogue's gallery in three of the prisons. But he still had a picture left in Joliet.

              When he finished the governor of Illinois came up to him, wiped tears from his eyes, and said; “Mr. Callahan. I'll see what I can do for you.”

              In a few days, John Callahan received a letter from the governor saying, “It gives me pleasure to enclose your photograph from, the penitentiary of Joliet and to tell you that your record of crime has been destroyed. There is no record except in your memory that you were ever there.” The governor signed his name.

              For many years John Callahan did a mighty work for God on the Bowery in New York City.

              My friend, there is no way to explain a story like that outside of the love and compassion of the almighty God and Saviour, Jesus Christ.             Lee Roberson



23                                                                             IS THIS GOD?


              An old sea captain lay on his deathbed. A friend came to see him and said, “Tell me what changed your life. You used to be wild and live a reckless life. What happened to you?” The old sea captain said, “It happened when a ship that I commanded was called upon to get the passengers off another ship before it broke in two. We had a hard time. Several times I thought my own ship would go down, but finally we rescued all the passengers. The last one off the other ship was the captain of the other ship. His wife and four-year old girl had been on the ship with him. When he came over the rail, I was holding his little girl in my arms. His wife ran to him, threw her arms around him and said, ‘I just knew that God was going to save us’.

              “Then she turned to me and said, 'Now, captain, just keep on holding my little girl while I get on my knees and thank God.”

              “Then she got down on her knees and prayed. Then the little girl snuggled up close to me and said to her mother, ‘Is this God’?

              “No, honey,” she answered. “Why do you think he is God?”

              “Well, you kept saying that God would save us, and this man saved us. The mother smiled and said, 'No, he is not God; he is just one of God's men that God used today to help save us.”

              Then the old sea captain turned to his friend and said, “That was the day that I turned to Jesus Christ and trusted Him as my Saviour.”



24                                                                     DON'T GIVE UP


              Oh, what a thrill it will be in heaven to rejoice together in the harvest, even though on earth we may not always see the results of our witnessing!

              In our nation's capital, a Sunday school class was disrupted by a boy who wouldn't behave. He also kept the other children from paying attention. The teacher became discouraged, thinking that his efforts were in vain. The mischievous youngster grew to manhood and traveled west, where he lived in sinfulness.

              Years afterward, when he had returned home for a visit, he was walking along the street and passed a cemetery. Suddenly he noticed that one of the tombstones bore the name of his former Sunday school teacher. Taking a closer look, he began to recall some of the truths he had been taught by that loving man, and they convicted him of sin. As the Holy Spirit spoke to his heart, he knelt in the grass and accepted the Lord as his Savior. Later he became a faithful pastor. Yet the devoted Christian worker had gone to his grave thinking his endeavors were fruitless.

              Are you overwhelmed by discouragement because you see no results from your labors? Don't give up! Keep on scattering the precious seed of the Word. Someday there will be rejoicing in Heaven from a soul that comes to Christ.   H.G.Bosch



25                                       “FIRE UPON THOSE FLAGS IF YOU DARE"


              D. L. Moody used to tell the story of the man who left England and came to America. He was an Englishman, but he was naturalized and so became an American citizen. After a few years, he felt restless and dissatisfied. He went to Cuba. After he had been in Cuba a little while, Civil War broke out there, it was in 1867. This man was arrested by the Spanish government as a spy. He was tried by court martial and found guilty and ordered to be shot. The whole trial was conducted in the Spanish language, and the poor man did not know what was going on. When they told him the verdict, that he was found guilty and had been condemned to be shot, he sent to the American consul and the English consul and laid the whole case before them and proving his innocence and claiming protection.

              They examined the case and found that this man, whom the Spanish officers had condemned to be shot, was perfectly innocent.

              They went to the Spanish general and said, “This man whom you have condemned to death is an innocent man. He is not guilty.”

              But the Spanish general said, “He has been tried by law. He has been found guilty. He must die.”

              There was no telephone or telegraph, so these government leaders could not contact their countries.

              The morning came on which the man was to be executed. He was brought out, sitting on his coffin and drawn to a place where he was to die. A grave was dug. They took the coffin out of the cart, placed the young man upon it, took the black cap and were just pulling it down over his face. The soldiers awaited the order to fire. Just then the American and English consuls rode up. The English consul sprang out of the carriage and took the Union Jack, the British flag and wrapped it around the man. Then the American consul wrapped around him the Star Spangled Banner. Then turning to the Spanish officers, they said, “Fire upon those flags if you dare.”

              They did not dare to fire upon the flags. There were two great governments behind those flags. That was the secret of it. The man’s life was spared and he was later released.

              In Christ Jesus we come under the banner of the cross. When a sinner receives Jesus Christ, he is robed in the robe of righteousness. Christ is his Saviour. Heaven is his home.



26                                                   WHAT GOD SEES IN A SINNER


              Years ago a drunken man in Chicago headed toward Lake Michigan to drown himself. It was a cold wintry night and in the distance he saw an open door with a light shining outside. As he stumbled past the Pacific Garden Mission, someone helped him through the open door. He collapsed in front of the preacher and fell asleep. The superintendent cared for him, gave him a bed, and explained the Gospel to him the next morning. That day Harry Monroe was transformed by the grace of God. Later he was to preach the Gospel from that same platform where once he had slept in a drunken stupor. Mr. Monroe later became superintendent of the mission, and when he died, it took all day for people to pay their respects. A newspaper editorial described him as one of the most useful men in Chicago. The article continues saying, “the world would not have missed the penniless derelict if he had jumped into the lake, but God saw great value in him!”



27                                                            FOR AUCTION, A SOUL

              Rowland Hill, the great English preacher, was once speaking in a large auditorium. In the middle of his sermon Lady! Anne Erskine, who did not often I attend church but who was  much in evidence at every prominent dance or ball, made an ostentatious entrance.

              She had been heard previously to say that she would like sometime to hear Hill preach, just to please herself.  Of course, when she entered and the audience turned to see her in all of her finery, the preacher recognized who she was.

              All at once he stopped abruptly. “My friends,” he shouted, “I have something here for sale.”  Everyone was startled.  “I am going to auction something worth more than all the crowns of Europe – the soul of  Lady Erskine”.

              Will anyone bid for her soul?  Hark, I think I hear a bid!  Who bids?  The World!”

              The lady's surprise was indescribable, as all eyes were now focused upon her.

              “World, what will you give for her soul?”  “I will give pleasures, honor and riches, a life of luxury and of good times.”

              “Nothing more? Then your price is too small for us. For what would it profit the lady if she gained the whole world and lost her own soul? Hark! I hear another bid. Who bids? Satan!”

              “I will give her the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh, and the pride of life. She can satisfy all her cravings with me.”

              “And what do you demand in return?”

              “Her soul! She passes once for all into my power.”

              “Your price is too high, Satan: You are a murderer from the beginning, a liar, and the father of lies. I can hear another bid. It is the Lord Jesus Christ.” 

              “I have already given my life for the lady. I have poured out my heart's blood for her when upon the cross I paid the ransom for the whole world. I will bring peace in to her soul. I will clothe her with the garment of righteousness, and adorn her with the gold of faith. I will keep her and take her to be with myself in glory, for where I am, there shall my servant be also.”

              “And what dost Thou ask in return, Lord Jesus?”

              “Her sin, her evil conscience, all that torments her.”

              “Lord Jesus, Thou shalt have her.” And then, turning to the lady, he asked, “Lady Erskine, are you satisfied?”

              “Yes”, she answered with a loud, firm voice, while deep emotion passed through the whole meeting. And Lady Erskine kept her word. From that hour her life was changed. She also became a friend and mother to the poor and sick, the miserable and distressed. No one made so many sacrifices as she for the cause of Jesus Christ. Throughout the remainder of her life she thanked God for the impulse which took her to hear Rowland Hill, and for the love that snatched her from the clutches of a deceiving world.                                 Author unknown



29                                                                    JESUS WANTS YOU!


              One time a missionary was preaching to some Indians. He was telling the Indians how much God loved them. He was telling them how God had given His son to die for them. When the old Indian Chief heard this he was so grateful that he wanted to do something for the Lord Jesus. He rose from the back, walked forward and laid his tomahawk at the missionary's feet. As he did so, he said, “Indian Chief give his tomahawk to Jesus Christ.”  Then he went back and sat down.

              The missionary talked on, telling of how God had given us His best when He gave His Son, Jesus Christ, to die for us. The Indian Chief listened very thoughtfully. Then again he walked forward, this time taking his blanket. He laid the blanket at the missionary's feet and said, “Indian Chief give his blanket.” Again he went back to listen.

              Still the missionary talked on of the wonderful grace of the I Lord Jesus Christ. How though He was rich in Heaven, yet He became poor for us when He was willing to be born in a manger and die on a cross, just that we might be rich. While he was speaking the Indian Chief unfastened his pony and brought him forward. Again he said, “Indian Chief give his pony to Jesus Christ.” Then the Chief stepped back to listen once more.

              The Indian Chief failed to understand.  You see, the Indian Chief was like many of us. He thought that God wanted just the things which we have that we might give him. “Now” thought the Indian Chief to himself, “I have given everything I have to the Lord Jesus Christ who gave Himself for me.”

              But as he sat listening still longer a new light began to break over the old Chiefs face. He was seeing something he had never seen before, something that was new I to him. It was the Holy Spirit who was showing it to him and speaking to his heart. The Indian Chief began to see that in giving all the things he had, he failed to give the Lord what He wanted most. This time he rose and went forward with nothing in his hands. What do you suppose he was giving this time? Why, it looks as though he is going to give nothing! But listen! What is it the old Chief says as he bows low at the missionary's feet? Tears are running down his cheeks, his lips are trembling, but we hear him give the greatest of all gifts; for this time he says, “Indian Chief give himself to Jesus Christ.”

              Yes, that is the gift which God wants the most. Have you given Him the gift He desires most of all - yourself? Let Him have you, my friend. JESUS WANT YOU!



30                                                   PEACE FOR A TROOBLED HEART


              A missionary in Brazil told this story about her conversion. I was reared in a godless home and I was unhappy and dissatisfied with life. Then one day I noticed an advertisement for the Peace Corps. The thought came to me, that is what is missing in my life - peace. So I joined and was sent to Irian Jaya, but she soon realized that I couldn't find what was lacking. Through my work, however, I came in contact with an old Indian. He was different from anyone I had ever met. I inquired as to what caused his peace, joy, and contentment, and he told me that Jesus was in his heart. So I started reading the Bible. Through the Word and the witness of the Indian friend, I found the peace that only Christ can give.



31                                                      THE POWER OF GOD’S WORD


              I met a man the other day; He has teen saved just a short time. He said that before he was saved, he didn't believe in God, didn't believe in Jesus, didn't believe in anything; but he had a friend who was a Christian. So he went down to the store and bought the Christian friend of his a New Testament. Then this man who was an atheist put the New Testament in his pocket in the box. He was going to give it to his friend the next day. The atheist had a job that required him to work most of the night. The next morning between midnight and daylight, he was out on his lonely post of duty at his work. He had a few moments to read, and he took out the Bible and began to read that New Testament. As he did so, the atheist learned of God’s love and got saved.  Today that man is a member of a church, and I have been to that church. That former atheist is giving the Gospel. He is doing the work of the Lord Jesus Christ.           Lee Roberson



32                                                THE STRANGE PROVIDENCE OF GOD


              The following incident is taken from an experience of Charles H. Spurgeon with an atheist.

              There was an atheist in the vicinity of my home and he was very ugly to anyone who believed the Bible.

              I asked the Lord to direct me in what I should read for morning devotions. Then I seemed strongly impressed to read the book of Joel in its entirety. When I came to Joel 3, I read the third verse: “And sold a girl for wine:” Whereupon I checked in my concordance to see how many times the word “girl” occurred in the Bible. To my great surprise I found the word only occurred once.

              A little later I thought I would take a walk. About a block and a half away I looked up and there was the atheist's house. I went up and knocked.

              The atheist growled. “Well, what do you want?”

              “I would like to read the Bible to you:” Spurgeon replied.

              The atheist began his usual excuse, then suddenly stopped and said, “Will you tell me how often the word “girl” is in the Bible?”

              Mr. Spurgeon answered, “Once,” The atheist then asked, “Tell me where it is found and I will let you in.”

              Spurgeon replied, “Joel 3:3.” The atheist then said. “Tell me before I let you in, how did you know it?”

              Mr. Spurgeon answered, “I haven't known it two hours. In my morning devotions I read the book of Joel.”

              Then Mr. Spurgeon stepped in and in half an hour the atheist was on his knees asking God to forgive his sins.



33                                                       GOOD NIGHT OR GOOD BY


              The doctor had said that the mother lying in the hospital room in a certain southern city had only a very few hours to live. She had gone into a coma and the attending physician felt she would never be conscious again. Her four boys were around her bed when by a miracle of God she rallied and opened her eyes. Seeing the worried look on their faces she began to speak. She motioned for the boy on her left to take her hand. When he did she said, “Roy, you have always been a good boy. Mother remembers the time when you used to run to her with all your troubles and cares. Somehow you were more dependent on Mother than the others. I love you, son kiss Mother good night.”

              To the next son she held out her hand, and as he gripped the frail, emaciated hand of the mother he loved so dearly, she said, “Fred, Mother is sorry she became sick at your home. You and your family were always so good to me. I love those precious grandchildren. You take good care of them for me. Now, kiss Mother good night.”

              Her next son came near the side of his mother's bed and knelt beside her. Rubbing her fingers through his hair, she said, “Andy, I have saved the Bible for you. There are special instructions for you to read. As the oldest son, I'm making you responsible for the business affairs. You have never failed me. I know that I can depend on you. Kiss Mother good night.” Andy, like the others, tenderly kissed the fevered brow of his mother.     Looking past Andy into the face of a tall, handsome, well-dressed man, she said, “Robert, though I have not mentioned it before, Mother knows who is responsible for her being in this expensive hospital and having the best medicines, nurses and doctors money can buy. You have always provided for me and given me the best of everything. For all of that I am more grateful than you will ever know; but Mother must leave you now. Come closer and kiss Mother good-by.” As Robert bent over to kiss his mother it suddenly dawned on him that his mother had told him good-by and not good night.

              “Mother,” said Robert, “you told Andy, Fred and Roy good night, but you are telling me good-by. Why, Mother, why?”

              Looking into his face she softly spoke, “Robert, your brothers, Roy, Andy, and Fred are saved. They have trusted Christ as their Saviour. We will meet again someday.--But you, Robert, are lost. I've told you over and over how to be saved, but you are lost. I'll never see you again.”

              Clutching his mother's hand, Robert pled for her to tell him once again the story of Christ. This dying mother again told the story of Jesus and His atoning work on Calvary. “I do believe, I do believe,” said Robert.

              The eyes of the mother filled with tears as she whispered, “Kiss Mother good night, Robert; kiss Mother good night.”

Today, right now Christ waits for you. It is either good night or good by. Which will it be?                                                   Lee Roberson



34                                                 THE POWER OF PARENTAL WITNESS


              When the renowned Bible teacher R. A. Torrey was a young man, he had no faith in God or the Bible. His mother, however, was a devout Christian who constantly prayed for his conversion and often witnessed to him. One day he said to her, "I don't want to hear about my sins and your prayers; I'm going to leave and not bother you anymore." With tear-filled eyes the woman followed him to the gate and pleaded with him to change his mind. But he would not be detained. Frantically she cried, “Son, you are going the wrong way, but when you come to the end of your rope and everything seems hopeless, call upon your mother's God with all your heart and He will surely help you!” After Torrey left home, he went deeper into the ways of sin. One night in a hotel room he was unable to sleep. Weary from the problems pressing in on every hand, he decided to take the gun he kept in his dresser and end his life. Just as he reached for the weapon, he remembered his mother's last words. Convicted by the Holy Spirit, he fell on his knees and cried out, “O God of my mother, if there is such a Being, I need your help. If you will give it to me, I will follow you!” In a moment his darkened heart was illumined, and peace filled his soul. Later R. A. Torrey became an outstanding evangelist who led thousands to Christ!

              Are you discouraged because your children or teenagers aren't interested in the things of the lord? Keep praying for them, loving them, and living a consistent life before them. Never underestimate the power of parental witness!                                 H.G.Bosch



35                                                        “SIR, DO YOU STAND FIRM?"


              Martin Luther was born of humble parents in Eisleben, Germany, in 1483, and was used of God to awaken many hearts on the Bible theme of justification by faith. Luther was reared a Catholic, and after extensive education he became a monk.

              Someone said of him: “He was the most rigorous of monks, but this monastic life became a prolonged soul agony which was not ended until he received his light on 'justification by faith.' He came to the knowledge through reading, “The just shall live by faith.” Romans 1:17.

              The house where he was born was at that time an inn. It was rather strange that this one was born in an inn and died in one. At the other end of the town is the house where Luther died.

              He had come to Eisleben on a mission of reconciliation, and his last days were spent in preaching the Gospel and bringing men and women to Christ.

              On the night of February 18, 1546, Luther awoke in great pain. He sank into a stupor and was roused out of it only when a friend said to him, “Sir, do you stand firm by Christ and the doctrine you have preached?”

              In a child's whisper, he answered, “Yes.” Then the man who had stood his ground against great enemies in the preaching of salvation by grace closed his eyes and departed to be with Christ.



36                                                       THE POWER OF GOD’S WORD


              Some years ago in North India, a learned religious man was asked to go to America to preach a non-Christian faith. People raised money for his voyage.

              Since he was going to preach his religion in a Christian country, he thought he should know the Bible, the Christian beliefs and find the things to which he could apply his beliefs. .

              He began reading the New Testament. As he was reading the Gospels, God opened his eyes to see and understand the Christian way of eternal freedom from sin. He became convinced that Jesus was the way to salvation.

              With this conviction he went to his well-wishers and gave back the money. He had found the truth in Jesus, God's incarnated Son. He was baptized in the faith and began to preach Jesus as the way of salvation.



37                                                   “HE'S ALIVE!  HE'S ALIVE!


              A friend of mine, now in Heaven, was a preacher of the Word of God in the north of Ireland. He had a very strange, a very terrifying, and a very unusual experience. Becoming seriously ill, he was taken to a local hospital. The doctors pronounced him dead, and he was taken to the morgue and laid out upon the slab-but he was still living!               What an experience! He said, “I couldn't raise my hand or move my foot, but I prayed. I was still conscious; I knew where I was. I prayed that I would just flick my eye- lids.” He said, “A man was working in the morgue. He said he looked at what he thought was a corpse and the corpse's eyes twinkled.” My! What an experience! That man ran right into the hospital yard, he put up both his hands; he said, “He's alive! He's alive!” They said, “You fool, you!  He's not alive!” But the doctors came and they found he was living!

              You know the first thing they did? They took him out of the morgue. And when a man has life, the life should manifest itself in separation from the morgue. Show me a man that is born again, and I'll show you a man that in his heart quit with sin. Show me a man that is genuinely and definitely transformed by the grace of God, and I will show you a man that no longer is content to live for the world and the things that are in the world. I am preaching a salvation that radically and thoroughly and eternally changes you. This is not an emotionalism. This is not a decision-card con- version. This is the possession of everlasting life.          Lee Roberson



38                                                                             A DRAMATIC RESCUE


                  On a hill overlooking the harbor of Macao on the south coast of China. Portuguese settlers once built a massive cathedral on the hill. But a typhoon proved stronger than the work of human hands, and the building fell some centuries ago. The building fell in ruins except for the front wall. High on the top of that jutting wall, challenging the elements down through the years, is a great bronze cross. In 1825 Sir John Bowring was shipwrecked near there. Clinging to the wreckage of his ship, at long last he caught sight of that great cross, which showed him where he could find safety. This dramatic rescue moved him to write those words familiar to millions:


 In the cross of Christ I glory,

 Towering o'er the wrecks of time;

 All the light of sacred story,

 Gathers round its head sublime.



39                                                                           I CAN'T WAIT


              After a camp meeting sermon by Dr. George Truett, a rancher approached the minister and asked him to go for a walk. They walked up a canyon without either saying a word. Finally with his chest heaving with emotion, the rancher turned to Dr. Truett and said, “I want you to pray a dedicatory prayer for me.” When Dr. Truett asked what he wanted to dedicate, tears began streaming down his tanned cheeks. “I didn't know until this morning that all those cattle I have are not mine at all, but belong to Christ. I didn't know until this morning that all those miles and miles of land where my cattle range are not mine at all, but belong to Christ.

              I haven't been a Christian very long and know very little about the Christian life. Now I can see that every hoof of those cattle and every acre of that land belong to Christ and I want to take my true place in God’s cause. I want you to tell God for me that I will be His administrator from now on and will try to live as such. When you have finished telling God this, you wait, for I have something to tell Him myself.”

              The two of them knelt behind a big rock and Dr. Truett endeavored to transmit the message the man had given him. When the prayer was finished the rancher put his face to the ground and sobbed. He prayed, “And now, Master, am I not in a position to give You my bad boy? As his parents, his mother and I seem to have little influence over him. But now I have given You my property, and want You to take my boy in the same way and save him right away for Your glory.”

              The two returned to camp. That evening Dr. Truett had been preaching only a few minutes when the wayward son stood up and coming toward his father at the front said, “Father, I can't wait until that man is through speaking. I have decided for Christ and I must be saved.”



40                                                              BELIEVING GOD


              When I first went to America many years ago, I crossed the Atlantic with the captain of a steamer who was one of the most devoted men I ever knew. When we were off the banks of Newfoundland, he said to me: "Mr. Inglis, the last time I crossed here, five weeks ago, one of the most extraordinary things happened that has completely revolutionized the whole of my Christian life. Up to that time, I was one of your ordinary Christians. We had a man of God on board, George Mueller, of Bristol. I had been on that bridge for twenty-two hours, and never left it. I was startled by someone tapping me on the shoulder. It was George Mueller;

              “Captain,” he said, “I have come to tell you that I must be in Quebec on Saturday afternoon.”  This was Wednesday.

              “It is impossible,” I said. “Very well, if your ship can't take me, God will find some other means of locomotion to take me. I have never broken an engagement for fifty-seven years.”

              “I would willingly help you, but how can I? I am helpless.”

              “Let us go down to the chart room and pray,” he said.

              “I looked at the man of God and I thought to myself, 'What lunatic asylum could the man have come from?' I never heard of such a thing.”  Mr. Mueller, I said, “Do you know how dense this fog is?”

              “No,” he replied, “my eye is not on the density of the fog, but on the living God, who controls every circumstance of my life.”

              “He went down on his knees, and he prayed one of the most simple prayers. I thought to myself, 'That would suit a children's class, where the children were not more than eight or nine years of age.' The burden of his prayer was something like this, '0 Lord, if it consistent with Thy will, please remove this fog in five minutes. You know the engagement You made for me in Quebec for Saturday. I believe it is Your will.”

              “When he had finished, I was going to pray, but he put his hand on my shoulder and told me not to pray. 'First,' he said, 'you do not believe God will do it; and second, I believe He has done it. There is no need whatever for you to pray about it.”

              “I looked at him, and George Muller said this: 'Captain, I have known my Lord for fifty- seven years, and there has never been a single day that I have failed to gain an audience with the Lord. Get up, Captain, and open the door, and you will find the fog is gone.' I got up, and the fog was gone.”

              “On Saturday afternoon George Mueller was in Quebec.”

              This is according to spiritual law. Ask from a true heart, in real faith, and God will answer.

-Gospel Standard -


41                                                              HIS FAITH CAME BACK


              There is an amazing little story given in the book “The Man Who Played God.” There was a certain pianist, a deeply religious man, who was touring Europe. One night he was invited to play before royalty; but enemies, in an effort to kill the king, threw a bomb into the room. Nobody was killed but the explosion destroyed the hearing of the great musician so that he became as deaf as the dead.

              Broken in heart and hope, he had to give up his career. He came back to New York to take up his broken life, seemingly with nothing ahead but despair. But a friend came one day. He took down his Bible and read to that friend, “A re not five sparrows sold for two farthings, and not one of them is forgotten before God” “I do not believe that,” he said bitterly. “I once believed it, but I do not believe it any more. How could a God of such tenderness take from me the one thing that I loved?”

              By and by this musician was induced to learn lip-reading. He soon became very proficient. Little by little, he began amusing himself by standing at his window that overlooked Central Park, New York, and reading the lips of those that passed by below. One day he saw a frail, young chap come into the park with a beautiful young girl on his arm. It was evident that they were in trouble. “We can never marry,” he read the lips of the youth saying to the girl. “The doctor tells me that I have tuberculosis. He says that I could be cured with the proper treatments and time. That would be impossible. It would cost at least a thousand dollars.”  Then in desperation, the young man lifted his face toward heaven and prayed.

              The great musician heard that prayer and his heart was touched. He went to his desk and wrote out a check for a thousand dollars and sent it down to the young couple with his congratulations. Their faces became so radiant that he felt some of the brightness in his heart._In fact it brought him such a thrill that he began to make it his business to listen to the prayers of the desperate souls that came his way. More and more he threw himself under their burdens till little by little he lost his own. His faith came back stronger and sweeter than ever before.



42                                                                  GOD IS FAITHFUL


              Some few years ago an engineer on the Pennsylvania lines became very ill and was taken to the hospital in pain. As his illness continued he wasted away to less than one hundred pounds. Finally the doctors pronounced him dead.

              “The wife strongly insisted her husband wasn't dead, or if he was, God would bring him back from the dead. For, said she, “I have prayed for his conversion for twenty-seven years. God is faithful. Do you think God would let him die now, after I have prayed for him for twenty-seven years and he is not saved?”

              A screen was drawn around the hospital bed to separate the living from the dead. So great was the wife's insistence that her I husband was not dead that other physicians were brought in. One after another, they made their examinations and confirmed the verdict that the patient was dead.

              “The wife still believed that God would not fail her, so she knelt by the bed in expectation. A nurse placed a pillow under her knees for comfort. One hour, two hours, three hours passed. The screen still stood by the bed. Four hours, five hours, six hours,  seven hours, thirteen hours I passed, and in spite of the loved ones and friends and doctors, she refused to move from the side of the bed. “No,” she said, “He has to be saved.”

              Dr. Blanchard said at the end of thirteen hours, the husband opened his eyes, and she said, “What do you wish, my dear?” He said, “I want to go home.” Dr. Blanchard said that the husband was restored to perfect health and was soon converted , and became a strong witness for Christ in his town.



43                                                                      DISTRESSED BAA'S


              A man once visited a large sheep ranch in Australia at the time of shearing. He related that during the tour his guide took a baby Iamb from its pen and placed it with thousands of other sheep where the noise of their bleating and the shouting of the shearers were absolutely deafening.

              The unweaned animal, looking dazed, remained still for a moment. Then, realizing it had been separated from its familiar surroundings, it began to let out weak, distressed baa's. The faint cries were answered immediately by the mother even though she was at the far end of the enclosure. As the feeble little creature began to walk slowly toward her, the old ewe rushed to meet it as if no other sheep were present. Amid the noise and confusion she still heard the pitiful bleating of her own frightened offspring. Referring to this incident in a sermon, a minister said, “Don't imagine that you, the object of God's special care, are ever beyond the reach of His attention. The Heavenly Father sees you as if there were no other child of His in the whole world. He bends His loving ear to your faintest call for help and hurries to your aid!”

              Many of us can testify with the psalmist, “This poor man cried, and the Lord heard him, and saved him out of all his troubles.”  Psalm 34:6                       -H. G. Bosch



44                                                             THE TEST OF FAITH


              An 8-year old Mexican boy named, Pedro was saved and began to attend the church. One Sunday the lad came up to speak to the missionary after hearing him preach on Simon of Cyrene. –“You asked what we'd do if we had been in the crowd when Jesus fell under the weight of His cross,” said the youngster earnestly, “I'm sure I would have been happy to help carry it!” The boy had recently accepted Christ, although his parents were antagonistic to the Gospel. To test him, the minister said, “Yes, but if you had helped the Lord, the cruel Roman soldiers would probably have beaten you with whips.” Without  hesitation, the boy answered, “I don't care! I love Him! I'd have done it just the same.”

              Two weeks later, Pastor Dye stood at the door of the church, greeting the people as they left the service. When Pedro came by, he patted him affectionately on his shoulder. Shrinking back with a little cry, the 8-year-old pleaded, “Please don't do that. My back is very sore.” Since he had barely touched him, the missionary was puzzled. He took the youngster to a nearby cloakroom and asked him to remove his shirt. Crisscrossing his back from his neck to his waist were huge red welts. “Who did that?” the preacher asked angrily. “My mother,” said Pedro. “She whipped me because I came to church!”

              That Mexican boy proved he was willing to stand up for the One in whom he had put his trust; He wasn’t afraid of what anyone could do to him.

              The day may come when you will have to suffer for the sake of Christ. Will your faith stand the test?     Missionary Harold Dye



45                                   THE INVITATION WAS PROMPLY ACCEPTED


              The Rev. Huie Kin, a Chinese Christian pastor in New York, was reading a daily paper. Seeing that a distinguished countryman of his was to be in New York over Sunday, he telephoned him at his hotel, inviting him to attend the Sunday service at his church. The invitation was promptly accepted. After the service was over the guest said to the pastor:

              “When I was a boy in China I was acquainted with some Christian people, and I thought highly of Christianity. I had never identified myself with it, but when I was appointed to America I decided I wanted to throw in my lot with Christian people there, and made up my mind that I would accept the first invitation which was given me to attend a Christian service.”           Rev. Aquilla Webb