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1.  Who was Cain?

He was the first born son of Adam and Eve. Genesis 4:1

Was born outside of Eden  Genesis  3:23-24, 4:1

He was the oldest of a large family of brothers and sisters  Genesis 4:8, 16:17,  5:4.

His name means:  �possession�  Genesis 4:1

We see the thanksgiving and the joy of Eve for having a son.

Children are a gift from the Lord and we should recognize them as part of the family.


2.  What did Cain do?

1.  He was a farmer   Genesis 4:2

2.  He offered an offering that didn�t please the Lord   Genesis 4:3-5

3.  His offering was brought from what he had  Genesis 4:3

4.  His offering was from the best he had.  Genesis 4:4

5.  His offering lacked faith  Hebrews Genesis 11:4

6.  He was more concerned about his thoughts and not what would please the Lord

7.  He was jealous of his brother Abel and murdered him.  Genesis 4:5-8

8.  His sinful character was revealed.  Genesis 4:7

9.  Those who are not worthy of the favor of God, speak badly of those who are obedient to the Lord.

10.  He married one of his sisters and they fled from the presence of the Lord  Genesis 4:17


3.   What happened to Cain?      

1. The Lord cursed the ground that he loved.  Genesis 4:11

2.  The Lord put a sign on Cain.  Genesis 4:13-15

3.  All of the people on earth were descendents of Cain until Seth was born.  Cain committed a horrible act when he murdered his brother Abel.

4.  He fled from the presence of the Lord never to be heard of again in the Old Testament.   Genesis 4:6

Those that flee from the Lord cannot find rest in any place else.  He later built a city in rebellion to the Lord.  Genesis 4:17

5.  If he had obeyed the voice of the Lord he could have been a blessing to his parents.


4.  The Way of Cain

1.  His choosing a rebellious way shows that he was of Satan.  1 John 3:12

2.  His way showed his lack of spiritual truth.  Jude 11

3.  His way was one of personal gain and self will.  Jude 11


CONCLUSION:  The life of Cain: his heart, his reactions, his attitudes, his character all were an example of what we should not have.  The serious consequences that Cain suffered should warn us to not follow his example.






INTRODUCTION:  Enoch is an example of what the wrong influence of a father can have on a son who was not converted.  In the Bible we see another Enoch who walked with God  (Genesis 5) and how the influence of a godly father had on his son.  



1.  The name means:  a hardened young man, one who tears down and destroys.

2.  He was a descendent of Cain.  Genesis 4:17-18

3.  He was the first to commit polygamy, and his Wifes were Adah and Zilla.  Genesis 4:19

4. His sons were: Jabal who had cattle, Jubal who was a musician and Tubalcain who was a skilled artist in brass and iron.  Genesis 4:20-22

5.  His character was the same as Cain. He was wise in his own eyes and had little respect for life and committed murder. 





1.  After the death of Abel Dios raised up Seth to preserve the true faith.  Genesis 4:25

2.  The seventh descendent of Seth was Enoch who �walked with God�  Genesis 5:24

3.  In this line of descendents we see the blessing of those who follow God.

4.  This Enoch was taken directly to be with the Lord.  Genesis 5:24

5.  Noah was a descendent of Seth and chosen to build the Ark to preserve life on earth after the flood.  Genesis 6

CONCLUSION: What kind of future generations are we raising up?  This story should encourage us to live Godly lives to influence our future generations to live for the Lord.









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