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Thank you for visiting this page “The Pastors' Helper ”.  It is a great blessing and privilege to be able to supply to pastors and Christian workers the material that you will find on these pages.  It is our desire that the Lord will use the contents of these pages to provide material of sound doctrine to those who help spread the Gospel of Christ around the world.


Our desire is to publish words of encouragement and strength to those who are serving our Lord.  The principle object is to supply illustrations, outlines, articles and other helps to support your ministry and strengthen your messages.


A great number of preachers and teachers in the past have used illustrations to help strengthen their sermons and lessons.  Jesus himself used a great number of parables, stories and illustrations in his discourses with great effect on his listeners.  The prayer and desire of the editor of this page is that it will be a great blessing and help to your ministry.


We desire to count on the cooperation of all the pastors, teachers, evangelists, missionaries and other workers use this page to send us your ideas, outlines, studies and other material so that we can publish it in the future.


The editor of this site wants to inform all the readers that all the material is not of his own writing, but was collected during many years from many different sources.  Much of the material was collected from magazines, books, Christian news papers and many other sources.  A great amount was gleaned from hearing a sermon from a fellow worker in the ministry.


You may find an illustration that you have heard or used yourself.  When we know the original author we will give them credit for their work.


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